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Sound, with Suzie Shrubb

Rich Mix, London E1




I was invited to join a pilot programme to support artists working in collaboration. When the invitation came I was deep into an extended period of practical research around the Lea Valley in east London. After several site visits, Suzie Shrubb and I produced a series of sound works for spaces around Bow Creek, the section of the River Lea where it reaches the Thames in East London.


The Bow Creek area is one that's far easier to travel across than within. It's separated by scarcely-bridged rivers, thoroughfares and ramparts. The result is a Galápagos, with 'islands' just a few metres apart but radically different, formed by movements of material, people and wildlife over centuries. The sound pieces we produced were in response to these radical disjunctures between spaces only a few metres apart.


Suzie Shrubb is a classical and experimental musician working regularly with visual artists, performers and scientists.


The images below (and above) are example stills from a video presentation of the sound works from a group exhibition October 2013. The video gave a 'walk-through' of each work, in lieu of the locations several miles away.