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This website details a selection of recent work of Jonathan Hoskins, visual artist and writer living in London, UK, using objects, text, performance, video, presentation, discussion, essay and social projects:



"Hoskins’ work exists primarily within a set of long-term relationships and concerns, addressing political efficacy, social groupings, urban change and folklore. These processes eventually shape performances, texts, publications and events. 

He is part of a growing set of artists for whom direct social action, tempered by discussion and a consistent problematising of the issues at hand, is the work itself. What that action is, however, is up for grabs. … Disguised fictions find their way into reality, not as a safe testing ground but as an actual tool for challenging the dominant narratives of some of those issues. 

Hoskins’ research and work concerns the limitations of what long-term relationships might produce and the questions of what constitutes efficacy and effect, accidental or not. His embedded, openly subjective examinations of the political urge us to understand and contribute our own fictions to the city and futures in formation."


Chris Fite-Wassilak, Art Monthly October 2015. Full text here.



These pages, and the practice they introduce, can be divided into several categories, as follows.



Undertaken over a period of many months and up to two years, usually involving collaborative moments with individuals bringing an expertise from outside of visual art:

Own De Beauvoir! 2014-2016

The Growth Point 2016

Catallax Point 2014

Plus Ultra (Go Further Beyond) 2012-2013

The Political Pop-Up Restaurant 2011



Self-contained, usually text based and realised as small publication or performance:

Living Together 2016

Telegram for Ben 2016

For: The Map is the Territory 2015

Recovery Position 2015

Which Grounds Legitimate 2014

Composing Difference 2014

Before an Emergency 2014

Galápagos 2013



Writing, presentation or discussion not produced for a visual art context:

On Representational Production in Social Practice 2015

Work of Distinction 2015

The Week of CAST Sundowner 2014

Composing Differences 2014

New Found Land 2013










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