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Composing Differences


Composing Differences

Presentation, text, publication

Hosted by MoMA PS1, curated by Virginie Bobin, published by Les Presses du Réel.





Composing Differences was a conference in New York, 2014, and a major publication from the following year. In its own words, it is "a montage of theoretical and speculative texts, conversations, fictions, and documents exploring different tactics of production and intellectual exchange that operate in the interstices between artistic, educational, and political contexts, and imagine novel institutional forms".

I contributed an original presentation at the conference, Research Documents 1-4 and later, a collaboratively produced text, Who Buys the Milk? On Institution-Making, with Nova Benway and Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau.


The publication of Composing Differences can be purchased on the publisher's website here.