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Recovery Position


Recovery Position


Birkbeck Arts Week 2015




I was invited to put together an evening for Birkbeck Arts Week 2015 on the subject of 'Guilt and Utopia'. I prepared this lecture-performance concerning the stakes of narrativising the place that is home. It is a story told from the journal of an unreliable narrator, regarding the co-determination of material space, language and collective selfhood within a single neighbourhood. It was also, in effect, the first draft of the book that I would publish a year later, Own De Beauvoir!.


After the performance, at my invitation, Dr David Bell from University of Sheffield spoke with Dr James Brown of Birkbeck about the performance, and wider concerns of utopian narratives and their relationship to individual and collective guilt.


Full video documentation below; please email me for the password.



Image credit (top): Dominic Mifsud