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Plus Ultra (Go Further Beyond)


Plus Ultra (Go Further Beyond)

Project & installation of video, sculpture and text

Rich Mix, London E1





Rich Mix approached me to mount a solo exhibition in early 2012, which opened a year later in January 2013. The exhibition presented a narrative fiction loosely based on the story of Don Quixote, told through a new 20 minute video work and objects from the video displayed in the gallery. It is a story of one man's doomed utopian voyage, and a consideration of questions of geographic, economic and intellectual expansionism in relation to London today, viewed entirely from its waterways.


The year between the commission and exhibition was a period of extended research with amateur urban ecologists around the River Lea, East London. I later wrote about this experience and its complex influence on the eventual exhibition in the paper New Found Land, published in the peer-reviewed Artefact journal. Read it in full here.


The text component of the installation was entitled 'Notes on the Exhibition' and can be found in full here.




Daniel Adderley - Fabrication, computer modelling

Tim Blackwell - Acting

Matt Marchant, Alistair Taff, George Vedmore - Boat skippering

Sam Pullen - Sound Mixing

Walter Stabb - Camera & Editing

Susannah Worth - Audio recording


Image credit (installation): Sam Roberts