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Telegram for Ben


Telegram for Ben


Hmn: A quarterly sound-based test centre



Image: Big White Beard by Ben Sanderson


Shortly after he wrote a profile article about my work for Art Monthly magazine, Chris Fite-Wassilak, together with his co-organiser Anne Tallentire, invited me to produce an original piece of sound-based work for their quarterly event, 'Hmn'.


Since working alongside the painter Ben Sanderson during the CAST Sundowner residency in 2014 I have been keen to spend more time with his work, and so I used this opportunity to produce a response to his images. The performance is a disjunctive narrative that relates the historical figures in the work of Ben Sanderson to his production of that work on the Cornish peninsular, through a wayward account of the first transatlantic submarine telegraph cable.


There is no recording or documentation permitted at Hmn but my script for the event can be downloaded here.


Hmn is "an event where artists, thinkers and workers from a range of backgrounds are each given up to seven minutes to present new work. It aims to provide a simple, intimate and unique platform for testing what sound is and can be".