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Which Grounds Legitimate


Which Grounds Legitimate


PEER Gallery, London N1



Which Grounds Legitimate came at the end of my year as an associate artist of Open School East and continues the body of work I developed in that time, concerning ‘the problem of sharing a possible future’. Previous to this piece of work are Research Documents 1-4Before an Emergency and Catallax Point.


The group performance between myself and five other artists is a fictional meeting where the 'problem of emergence' within a neighbourhood is tackled by a small group who seem to have the power to do something about it - the power to reinstitute moments from the past of the neighbourhood that may catalyse it today. Underlying the gestural discussion are subtexts of possible futures, probable pasts, collective memory and libertarian ethics.


Performed by Lucy Beech, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Andrea Francke, Charlie George, Jonathan Hoskins, Ross Jardine.