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Residence Kitchen


Residence Kitchen

Project with Susannah Worth

2017 - ongoing


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Residence Kitchen is a recurring, scored, hosted space for approaching problems of Residence: the things that are at stake because we live in this city, at this time. We introduce economies and narratives of food as both metaphor and material premise to make an evening hospitable for different ways of being and acting to come into view. Over time, we hope that Residence Kitchen will become collaboratively porous and cumulative.

For each Kitchen we will invite a different practitioner to make a contribution that can extend their own ongoing concerns of Residence.

Please go to the Residence Kitchen website for booking and more information. 


About us

Jon is interested in using narrative practically to rethink small-scale collective action so that it can do what we want it to do.

Susannah is interested in recipes and event scores, radical hospitality, and empowering introversion.

We both really like cooking.