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Residence Kitchen


Residence Kitchen

Project with Susannah Worth

2017 - ongoing


Residence Kitchen is a recurring, scored, hosted space for approaching problems of Residence: the things that are at stake because we live in this city, at this time. We introduce economies and narratives of food as both metaphor and material premise to make an evening hospitable for different ways of being and acting to come into view. Over time, we hope that Residence Kitchen will become collaboratively porous and cumulative.

The first Kitchen was on 27th September 2017 at Res., for contributors to the 2017 Art Licks Weekend. We wanted this pilot event to redress our own experience as contributors to previous Art Licks Weekends, of being too busy with one's own events to give time to those of others. Through a series of written, spoken, spatial and culinary scored elements, the dinner brought together contributors to connect and reflect on this year’s theme of ‘Finding Solutions’.

For each Kitchen we will invite a different practitioner to make a contribution that can extend their own ongoing concerns of Residence. For this first event, we invited Ross Jardine (info below).

Further Residence Kitchens will folllow in the coming months; please fill in the form below to hear about them.


About us

Jon’s interested in using narrative practically to rethink small-scale collective action so that it can do what we want it to do.

Susannah’s interested in recipes and event scores, radical hospitality, and empowering introversion.

We both really like cooking.


About Ross Jardine

Ross Jardine's work is located somewhere between art and administration.

He runs Radio Anti with Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau and reads/writes with Andrea Francke (see Bureaucracy’s Labour: The Administrator as Subject published in Parse Journal). He is a policy researcher at the Greater London Authority and a trustee for Justice for Domestic Workers.



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